Welcome to my website!

It is with overwhelming gratitude that I sincerely thank all who have read, To Love a Façade.  Thank you for taking a chance on a love story written by an unknown author.  My only ask of you is to spread the word, please let others know how much you enjoyed the book.  If you have not read, To Love a Façade, you can read the first chapter for free (First Chapter).  If you like what you just read, you can buy the book here (Buy Now).

As most writers (although I hesitate with a self-identified classification of writer; still very much considering myself an aspiring author) will attest to, the inspiration behind, To Love a Façade, was from a real experience.  That experience is better defined as a girl; and the inspiration, writing the ending I wanted.  Why that one experience or one girl or one desired ending, compelled me to write, To Love a Façade, I have no answer.  But it did, and to that one girl, thank you!  Thank you for the inspiration.  Had it not been for you, I never would have written this book.

My past showed no window into a future that involved writing.  Like everyone, I enjoy a good book but never imagined writing one.  To have a moment of honesty with my readers, when I started writing, To Love a Façade, there was much thought that I would not finish it—the notion of it actually being read by others—never imagined.  Initially, when I first set out on this journey, I had no story—Jack, Stephanie, Michelle, they didn’t yet exist in my head—all I had was a compulsion to write.  As the days and weeks bled into months, the story slowly came to me, and with that evolution, the ending I had originally set out to achieve.  Now—a year and a half after starting this journey—I present to you, To Love a Façade.

I live just outside Indianapolis with my son.  To Love a Façade, is my first novel.  I have a second novel set to be published soon and I am currently working on my third novel.  When I’m not writing, I enjoy coaching my son’s baseball team.